1] No hitting

Show good manners




2] Social learning theory suggests that babies and children learn by watching others around them and by copying their behaviour.This theoryis widely accepted in Britain and if it is correct,puts a great deal of responsibillity on adults,television ,pop stars,sports men and women,etc.They are the role models of children who may try to emulate their behaviour



3] The behaviourist theory suggest that chidren learn by positive reinforcement.

This means if a child is well behaved you reward them with praise,encouragement,a smile,attention,etc,

Positive reinforcement can work very well in changing the behaviour of children at home too,

By using positive as apposed to negative language it is possble to change children behaviour quite easily.

When a child behave badly ,simply ignore the behaviour,as long as they are safe and not hurting anyone else

When the child behave well give lots of praise,attention and encouragement





4] Firstly ,by being a good role model ourselves,Whether it is at home,school or nursery settings,We should useour own behaviour to show children what is acceptable.

Secondly, we should have realistic expectations of children behaviour,This means taking into account the age and stage of the child,You cannot axpect a child of three to have the same understanding as a child of six.You must also take into account  any backround information you have of a child and be aware of their limitations.

Chidren also need a sufficient mounts of sleep



5] Positive role models

Adults who have realistic expectations

Clear boundries



6] Goals are targets for behaviour,whilst boundaries set limits on behaviour



7] By asking them to helpmake the chart you are envolving them from the very beginning.On top of the chart write the goal that you are trying to achieve in bold letters.Then divide chart up into days of the week.When the child eats two vegetables a day,they get a sticker,if they do not,they get a sad face drawn on.At the end of the week ,if the child has achieved their  stickers daily they get a small reward,



8] Clinging,shouting,arguing



9] The time spend should be as little as possible,a general rule of thumb is one minute for every year of their age.



10] Divorce or separation of parents

Moving house



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